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I exist.
24, 3dsmax, aaron sorkin, aclu, adobe photoshop, adobe premiere, afro-celt sound system, agnosticism, air, alan ball, american beauty, angelo badalamenti, archive, atheism, burninating, ccna, chuck palahniuk, cinematography, coldplay, computers, contact, crystal method, cyan worlds, d'ni, danny elfman, david lynch, david mamet, dean koontz, democrats, dennis kucinich, dido, dj shadow, donnie darko, douglas adams, downtempo, fark, fight club, film, filmmaking, futurama, goldfrapp, good grammar, gps, graphic design, greenwich village, hating anime, homestar runner, hooverphonic, house of leaves, howard dean, humanism, hyperspace, independent film, james horner, james newton howard, jerry goldsmith, keyboards, liberalism, loreena mckennitt, m. night shyamalan, massive attack, metaphysics, midi, moby, moo, moos, morcheeba, movies, mst3k, mudpie, mulholland drive, music, musical composition, myst, mystery science theater 3000, new york city, new york university, nitin sawhney, nyu, pepe deluxe, philip glass, philosophy, photography, photoshop, php, poe, poetry, politics, portishead, psychology, quantum physics, rand miller, reading, requiem for a dream, riven, robyn miller, sam mendes, sarcasm, science fiction, secular humanism, six feet under, sneaker pimps, something awful, soundtracks, strong bad, supreme beings of leisure, terry gilliam, the first amendment, the matrix, the nextmen, the sixth sense, the truman show, thomas newman, tim burton, tisch, trip hop, trip-hop, turntablism, twelve monkeys, twin peaks, unbreakable, uru, worth 1000, writing, x-files, yamaha, yamaha motif, zero 7